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Investigation Workshops

TAG Investigations Limited offers a range of training packages designed for companies to gain the confidence and independence to promote safety or resolve issues in the workplace.

These packages focus on a variety of problems that negatively impact businesses today from suspicious activity to serious misconduct by an individual or group.

Learn how to accurately gather information, utilise resources and understand your rights in reference to the Employment Relations Act.

We have over 17 years experience in the corporate industry assisting our clients, we can help you learn from case studies and our experience on how to protect your business by implementing processes and procedures.

Our methods can be tailored to suit a variety of business environments and can be applied immediately on return to your business or workplace.

These training packages are designed to suit business owners, managers, supervisors and trusted senior staff.

We teach you to uncover what is exactly going on in your business, protect your staff and move forward with confidence.

Call 0272 888 742 to discuss how our training packages can enrich your business.