Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations - Internal Theft and Fraud - Suspicious Activity - Interviewing Staff  - Hidden Cameras  -  CCTV  -  Surveillance

Security Audits  -  Drug Related Investigations - Threats - Protest Activity - Intellectual Property Rights - Undercover Operators

We have over 17 years experience within the corporate industry and have a proven track record in removing offenders from the workplace.

Over this time we have helped numerous companies counter, identify and eliminate theft and fraud.

Suspicious workplace activity occurs in the majority of businesses both large and small. Our investigations team help gather the information and evidence that is required to reduce risk, minimise loss and resolve the situation.

We offer a variety of resources to complement any enquiry and a wealth of experience that we combine to save your business time, money and energy.  

We treat all enquiries confidentially and work in partnership with you to ensure we meet your objectives in a timely and cost effective manner.

We can assist your business by offering a complete investigation service and assist in forming preventative measures for the future.

We have respected licensed private investigators that take the time to listen to your issues.

Phone now for immediate response 0272 888 742.


"I uncovered a situation, TAG Investigations worked through the process closely with me and completed the investigation resulting in prosecution. I was impressed with their level of professionalism."

Nick ( Senior Logistics Manager - Auckland )